The Myth of Yasugi

A domestic story written in "Kojiki", Japan's oldest history book.

  • Domestic Goddess
    The story of the birth of Japan written in “Kojiki” that is oldest history book in Japan.
    “Izanagi-no-mikoto” and “Izanami-no-mikoto”were born from the god of Takaamahara as Japan’s first couple, and Japan was born by this marital god.
    Izanagi and Izanami gods create the Japanese island, and then give birth to various Gods in Japan.
  • The Tomb of the Japanese God

    The tomb of Izanami at Mt. Hiba enshrined “Hibayama Kume Shrine”, and it is said that this shrine brings you good luck with easy-birth and being blessed with good children.
    Mt. Hiba has a good road for mountain climbing and hiking, and many worshipers and mountaineers are visiting here.

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