The Origin of Yasugi City

1,300 years ago to the present - the way of development

  • 1,300 years ago

    About 1,300 years ago, the region belonged to the Ou-gun, east of Izumo, but later became one administrative district as “Izumokoku-nogi-gun” during the Heian period. From ancient times, high-quality sand iron was obtained, and steel making was actively done in this place. There are a lot of traces of ancient steel making such as Nodatara.

  • Sengoku Daimyo Associated with Yasugi

    During the Sengoku period, Mr. Amago, who was based in Toda Castle, Hirose-cho, flourished as a cultural and economic center in Sanin region. In the Edo period, the Matsue clan and its branch clan (Hirose clan and Mori clan) were set up, and Yasugi, a port town through Sanin-do (Sanin road), developed as a collection of Japanese iron and rice.

  • A city full of hope

    Two towns in One City, which has a united ness in history, culture, and life, and have been working together through regional administrative associations to create communities, have made a fresh start as a new “Yasugi City” through the municipal merger of Heisei era.

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