Yasugi’s Rich Nature

Beautiful but majestic nature drifting with the scent of history somewhere

  • Kodai Izumo Ouryou-no-oka(Ancient Izumo King’s Mausoleum Hill)
    The hill is one of the largest tombs in Japan, a symbol of prosperity in Arashima-cho, Yasugi City. Cherry blossoms and azaleas bloom in spring, and from the top of the maintained park, you can see the streets of Arashima, the nakaumi, and the beautiful edge lines of the Shimane Peninsula. You can enjoy one of the winter traditions, swans flying from Siberia in winter every year from November to March. It is a rare place where swans in the rice field can be seen.
  • A waterfall of Takairi

    The three-stage waterfall are in Mt. Takairi that is altitude is 706 meters, which was selected as the “100 best water selections of Heisei” on the border with Tottori Prefecture.The dim rock walls covered by the trees, falling from a height of 10 meters, are very impressive.

  • Noki Plain

    From November to March of every year, you can enjoy swans flying from Siberia to Yasugi in winter. One of the winter traditions of Yasugi is that swans eat fallen ears. Yasugi is a rare place where swans in the rice field can be seen.

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