Hibayama Kume Shrine

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【Equipment Outline】

It is said that Mt. Hiba is the tomb of the god Izanaminomi-no-mikoto, who birthed the nation, as written in the Kojiki.
Near the top of the mountain at an altitude of 320 meters sits Kume Shrine Okunomiya, and at the foot of the mountain sits Kume Shrine Shimonomiya.Since ancient times, powerful families have come to worship, and the shrine prospered as a place of worship for the Amago and Mori clans.
Even now, many worshipers come to pray for easybirth.


Yin Yang Bamboo

On the top of the montain grows Yin Yang Bamboo, a “male” bamboo with feminine branches. Its defining characteristic is the large bamboo leaves sproting from its madake-like stalk.
It is a rare and precious spesies, and was designated a protected species in 1972. Its scientific name is Hibanobambusa Tranquillans Maruyama Okamura.
According to legend, after Izanami birthed the nation, she climed Mt. Hiba. When she planted her walking stick in the earth, it put out roots, sprouted leaves, and became Yin Yang Bamboo


The path to hibayama kume Shrine and the top of the mountain is maintained as a hiking course.
The view at the top overlooks Yasugi city.


Tamagakae Stone and Chinchin Well

The “Tamagakae Stone”, with its mysterious round holes, is said to be a spirit stone filled with divine energy. It is said that if you touch the stone and pray to Izanami-no-mikoto, you will be blessed with children and easy childbirth.
Furthermore, if you use water from chinchin well for your child’s first bath, they will grow up healty and bursting with energy.
Now, the well is covered netting and is inaccessible, but you can still pray for easy childbirth in a variety of ways on Mt.Hiba

【Facility Information】
〒692-0218 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi City, Hakutacho, Yokoya
TEL 0854-37-1000(A meeting to explore the romance of Mt. Hiba)

30 minutes by car from Yasugi IC
25 minutes by car from Yasugi Station
20-minute walk from the foot to the top of the mountain
By Yellow Bus
Yasugi Station (Bus) → Yokoya Bus Stop → Yokoya Path (Walk) → Mt. Hiba