Yasugi Story

The culture of the expression-rich Yasugi

  • A city of having wealth history and culture, Yasugi

    Yasugi has a rich nature on the border between Shimane and Tottori Prefectures. It is said that Susanoo-no-mikoto (Izumokoku Fudoki) named after Yasugi. The birthplace of “Dojo-sukui, and “Yasuki-hagane”, are famous in domestically and internationally.

  • Convenient town Yasugi

    Easy access to Yasugi Station by “Express Train Yakumo” connecting each major section of Sanin from Okayama. Many people get off at this station, and take buses or taxis for traveling.
    The tourist exchange plaza “Araessa♪ YASUGI” was opened in 2008, and here crowd with many users as a base for sightseeing and information dissemination.

  • The Beloved Town Yasugi

    In Yasugi City, the proud history, culture and tradition of manufacturing, nurtured in the rich nature passed down. We aim to be a city that is loved more.

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