A town where the great outdoors heals the soulA town where the great outdoors
heals the soul

One of the attractions of Yasugi City is its abundant nature.
The blue of the sky is reflected in the shimmering mid-summer sea and the
The rural landscape of the Noki Plain and the mountain range of Hirose in the background.
Enjoy the beautiful scenery and eat delicious fruits grown by nature.
Take a relaxing break in a historic hot spring.
Let’s go to Yasugi for such a luxurious day.

Healed by Yasugi’s nature in all four seasons

Surrounded by mountains and lakes, Yasugi has many scenic spots. In addition to famous spots such as the ancient Izumo royal tomb hill where you can see Nakaumi and the Shimane Peninsula, and the Noki Plains where flocks of Tundra swans visit in winter, there are also famous spots such as the largest suspension bridge in China and Uyuni Salt Lake. There are also photogenic spots that “only those in the know”, such as places. Would you like to be healed by the scenery that you can only meet here?

Healed by Yasugi's nature in all four seasons

Let’s enjoy camping in Yasugi!

Yasugi City offers a wide variety of campgrounds. You can spend a relaxing time in the rich nature.

  • Mt. Tokami Nagisa Park

  • Ue-no-dai Green Village

  • Yamasa Dam Camp Ground

Seasonal fruits full of nature’s bounty

Yasugi is actually the largest producer of strawberries in the prefecture. The large, sweet strawberries are a must-try when you come to Yasugi. In addition, vitamin-rich mandarin oranges and grapes, a specialty of the Izumo region, are also grown here, and visitors can enjoy fruit picking when they are in season. Be sure to try the sweet and delicious fruits grown in the fertile land and mineral-rich water from the Chugoku Mountains.

Seasonal fruits full of nature's bounty

Recommended cafe where you can enjoy seasonal fruits

A variety of parfaits lavishly decorated with Yasugi brand strawberries and other seasonal fruits. Eat with gusto and enjoy the deliciousness of the season!

  • Sherie café

  • strawberry shop kirito


Hot water for beautiful skin that has been in use for 1,300 years

Saginoyu Hot Spring” in Yasugi City is located at the left bank of the Iinashi River at the foot of Gassan, where a rural landscape spreads out. Legend has it that an egret landed in the area and used the hot spring water to heal a wound on her foot.
The source temperature is as high as 50 degrees Celsius, and the water is free-flowing without heating. The mildly alkaline water makes your skin smooth and smooth.
Yasugi City also has other Hida Onsen hot springs, so please enjoy a peaceful trip.

Hot water for beautiful skin that has been in use for 1,300 years

Related Spots

  • Spring Reflection Spots in Yasugi

    Hakuta Tulip

  • Overseas-style Mediterranean photo spot

    Salar de Uyuni in Yasugi at the mouth of the Iinashi River

  • field of rape blossoms

    Noki Plain

  • Golden Week is the best time to visit

    Sarugakure Kogen Shiba-zakura

  • One Hundred Famous Waters of the Heisei Era

    Takairi Waterfall

  • Enjoy the changing seasons from the promenade.

    Fube Dam

  • Enjoy seasonal fruit picking

    Watanabe Tourist Farm

  • First in the San-in Region! You can experience mandarin orange picking.

    Yasugi Kanko Mikan Orchard

  • Popular Strawberry Picking Orchards

    Omori Farm of Strawberries

  • Saginoyu Hot Spring Inn

    Saginoyu Villa

  • Saginoyu Hot Spring Day Trip

    Yumeland Shirasagi

  • Hida Onsen, famous as a therapeutic hot spring with high medicinal value

    Yuda Villa


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