First time in YasugiFirst time in Yasugi

Nature, History, Manufacturing
It makes you forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Welcome to Yasugi, a place of peace and tranquility.

Once upon a time, the hero god Susanoo-no-mikoto visited this land and
The reason for this is that he said, “My heart is at peace.
It is said that the name “Yasugi” came to mean “Yasugi” in Japanese. (From Izumo no Kuni Fudoki)
Yasukeku” is an archaic word meaning “peace of mind.
We propose a trip to Yasugi, a city full of relaxing charms.

Yasugi ShimaneYasugi is like this

Yasugi is like this

Yasugi City is located on the eastern edge of Shimane Prefecture, on the border with Tottori Prefecture, and is a town with history, culture, and beautiful nature.
It has a history as a stage of ancient mythology, a stage of battles in the Warring States Period, and as a prosperous iron shipping port in the Edo Period. The area’s unique culture and traditions have been nurtured and passed down to the present while continuing to create a new era.
The world-famous Adachi Museum of Art, Yasugi-bushi, which is known for loach scooping, Gassan Toda Castle, and other sights and traditional craftsmanship.

Introducing the charm of Yasugi!

A town where the great outdoors heals the soul

One of the attractions of Yasugi City is its abundant nature. One of Yasugi City’s attractions is its abundant nature. Let’s go to Yasugi for such a luxurious day.
Yasugi’s beautiful nature, delicious fruits, and healing hot springs are introduced here.


Attention from around the world
Town of arts and craftsmanship

When you come into contact with the art and craftsmanship of a travel destination, you will discover the culture, history, and personality of that place. Your own personal favorites that you unexpectedly encounter will vividly color the memories of your trip.
We will introduce you to museums that are attracting worldwide attention and the craftsmanship produced by Yasugi’s traditions.


Iron and Tatara Town

“Iron”, which was created through the wisdom and efforts of our predecessors, exists as an indispensable part of our lives. Yasugi City is deeply involved in the history of iron making, and is home to the main shrine of Kanayago Shrine, which enshrines the guardian deity of iron.
The history of iron in Yasugi and the places associated with it are introduced here.


Nittoho Tatara
(The Society for Preservation of Japanese Art Swords)

Yasugibushi and Loach Town

The folk song “Yasugi-bushi” with its fun chorus of “Ara, e-sassa-sa” is a reminder of the original scenery of old Japan. The light and nostalgic rhythm reminds us of the good old days in Japan. The humorous dancing of “Dojosukui (scooping loach)” will bring a smile to the faces of those watching.
The history and charm of Yasugibushi, the traditional culture that Yasugi City is proud of, are introduced here.


A town of history and mythology

Yasugi is a town that has been a part of the history of Japan since the time of the Gods. Feel the signs of the past in the mountain range, and let the passage of time take you on a journey to visit the footprints of history.
Here we introduce historical sites in Yasugi City, places associated with mythology, and ancient temples that are said to be power spots.



  • 株式会社安来旅行
  • ウォーカープラス
  • しまね観光ナビ
  • 山陰いいもの探検隊
  • 神話ゆかりの地
  • 一風亭
  • 道の駅あらエッサ
  • 産業サポートネットやすぎ
  • アルテピア
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  • 縁結び出雲路
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