Fube Dam


〒692-0623 Fube, Hirose Town, Yasugi City
0854-36-0001 (Fube Exchange Center)
About 40 minutes by car from Yasugi Station About 35 minutes by car from Yasugi IC

A dam where many white camellias bloom every year, also known as Lake Shiratsubaki

It is a multi-purpose artificial lake created upstream of the Iiri River along National Route 432, with a circumference of approximately 6 km. Water is sent to Yasugi City and Matsue City as water supply. In addition, there are three prefectural power plants downstream that utilize the head of the dam water, and they also play the role of quicksand flood control. The dam, built in 1963, is 55m high and 190m long.

The Great Tsubaki Bridge, a large suspension bridge built from the national highway to Nakanoshima, is 128 meters long and 2 meters wide, making it the longest bridge in China.

You can go around the promenade around the dam and enjoy the seasonal flowers of nature and planted trees, such as maple, cherry blossoms, shirakaba, azaleas, hydrangeas, and kobushi. The downstream area of the spillway is home to dragonflies and fireflies, and attracts carp and carp fishermen.

[Dam Park]
The dam park was built in 1988 as part of a wide-area cultural tourism route (Yasugi City, Hirose Town, Yokota Town, Nita Town, Daito Town, Yoshida Village) project with the theme of “myths and iron” promoted by the Ministry of Home Affairs at the time. Construction began in 2017, and the project cost 200 million yen to complete the parking lot, administration building, and promenade viewing platform.

In addition, an observatory, playground equipment such as adventure traps, and a restoration of Nodatara are planned for Nakanoshima. In Nakanoshima Park, 2,000 camellias of various kinds, mainly white camellias, are planted, and the best time to see them is mid-April.

[Wild cod]
There are many granite areas in the Nunobe region, and high-quality iron sand that melts at low temperatures is mined. Combined with charcoal produced from the surrounding forests, iron and steel production in the fields has flourished since ancient times. Tamahagane swords and knives are particularly famous for their sharpness. The topography of Nunobe is suitable for ironmaking, which requires a large amount of charcoal (thermal power) to melt the iron sand and a large amount of water to cool it. there is. For this reason, there are many shop names and place names associated with gold.

[White camellia]
There is a huge white camellia tree with a circumference of 2m at a place (Tsubakihara) a little up the valley from the middle of the dam promenade. The giant tree variety “Kawaoku Shiratsubaki” is a log of camellia that grows in a white plain. In addition, there are some that have pink flowers around them, and the giant maple and katsura trees create a mysterious atmosphere that has long been a source of wonder. There are various theories as to whether camellias are used to worship the gods of the mountains, to prevent rust on cutlery, or to be used for charcoal, which produces strong heat. It is used for purposes such as atopic dermatitis.


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