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Yasugi Art Travel Course

If you come to Yasugi, there are two museums that you should definitely visit.
That is the Adachi Museum of Art, which is famous for having the best garden in Japan.
Yasugi City Kano Art Museum conveys the importance of peace that a local painter has always prayed for.
Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful time and admire the many masterpieces to your heart's content!



Yasugi City Kano Art Museum

This is a museum dedicated to Kanlei Kano, a Western-style painter from Yasugi City who continued to wish for peace. In addition to Wan Lie's paintings, the museum exhibits the achievements of Japanese war criminals in the Philippines after the war, such as pleading for their lives, and is useful for children's peace education.

15 minutes by car


Adachi Museum of Art

Since 2003, it has been ranked as "Japan's No. 1" in a series of rankings by American magazines specializing in Japanese gardens.

15 minutes by car


Townscape of Yasugi

Yasugi has developed as a loading port for tatara iron manufacturing, and as a town of tatara iron manufacturing, an important industry in Izumo since ancient times, it still retains its unique port town atmosphere.

6 minutes on foot


Children's Book Tsuubo

This bookstore is located in a renovated old private house from the Meiji era, and mainly sells children's books (picture books) as well as miscellaneous goods. The inside of the store is filled with a warm and friendly atmosphere that soothes and excites the hearts of those who visit.

2 minutes on foot



Handmade bread baked in a stone kiln made by a craftsman who is in love with wheat flour is exquisite!
There are 25 to 30 types of bread, including basic sweet buns, side dish breads, and baked sweets, as well as highly recommended hard breads.
Please enjoy the bread that is carefully selected and made with love!

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