Hirose Washi workshop Shikiroku

  • 広瀬和紙工房 紙季漉
  • 広瀬和紙工房 紙季漉
  • 広瀬和紙工房 紙季漉
  • 広瀬和紙工房 紙季漉

The charm of handmade Japanese paper, which is gentle and warm

Japanese paper works

Japanese paper products

Hirose Washi workshop and store opened in March 2022.
Yuki Daito, the owner and washi paper craftsman, is from Sakaiminato City and majored in washi crafts at Kyoto College of Traditional Crafts. He studied under Isao Nagashima, the 5th generation Hirose Washi craftsman, and after 3 years of training, succeeded to the 6th generation, and opened papermaking in an old private house in Hirose Town.

Hirose Washi originated in the Edo period when the Hirose clan established a paper shop to issue han bills. The main ingredients are kozo, which has long and strong fibers, and mitsumata, which has a fine texture and a lustrous texture.

In addition to traditional hand-made Japanese paper, the store also sells processed products such as coasters and business card holders that take advantage of the texture of Japanese paper.

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Experience (reservation required)

Shikiroku Japanese paper

At Shikiroku, you can try paper making, tie-dyeing, etc. depending on the season.
Held once a month. We are announcing and accepting the opening date on the official line.


Paper making experience

  • October to April (held once a month)
  • Price: 2,800 yen/person
  • Capacity: About 4 people
  • Time: about 1 hour


eco print

  • June to September (held once a month)
  • Price: 6500 yen/person
  • Capacity: About 4 people
  • Time: The dyeing process takes time, so it will be a long experience.


Tie-dye experience

  • Held if there is a reservation
  • Price: 2,200 yen/person
  • Capacity: About 4 people
  • Time: about 1 hour


Tie-dye experience Tie-dye experience Tie-dye experience

If you would like to try it out, please register on Shikiroku official LINE and try it out! !

Official LINE from the following URL





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