Yasugi Cycling Course

We have released the “Yasugi Cycling Roadmap” which describes the recommended route that you can go out by bicycle!


There are still many wonderful shops and scenery in Yasugi City that you can’t find by car.
To find such a place, why not go out by bicycle in the historic town of Yasugi?


Please find your favorite point that you can discover only because it is a bicycle.

In Yasugi City, we conduct sightseeing rental bicycles.

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Bicycle tools are available for rent at Yasugi Station and Hirose Pass Center.

Nakaumi Round Cycling Course Map

We introduce excellent sightseeing spots and view spots around Nakaumi in Tottori and Shimane prefectures.In addition, we also post service information such as motorcycle racks and tool rental sedation sores at some cafes and convenience stores in Tottori Prefecture, so please use it for cycling planning, etc.