Houengama Kiln

【Equipment Outline】

There is a set up fur visitors can who want to try pottery, allowing visitors to experience the process of creating ceramics.
*Reservation required(2-3 days in advance)
The kiln specializes in everyday ceramics uniquely crafted using scraping techniques and floral motifs.
Shiro Kameo, a potter, trained in Ibaraki  and Kyoto  opened his kiln in Showa 54(1979).
In addition, there is an exhibition hall that displays and informs about a collection of the ceramics excavated from  the Izumo Hirose Toda Riverbed Ruins that were once a castle town ruled by the  Amago clan(Momoyama to early Edo period).

【Facility Information】
〒692-0412 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi Citry, Hirosecho, Shimoyamasa 2534-1
TEL 0854-32-3933 FAX 0854-32-3933

9:00 - 17:00


Pottery Experience
Duration:1 - 1.5 hours
Cost: 2,200 yen per 1 kg of clay (includes firing fee)
*Reservation required (2-3 days in advance)

45 minutes by car from Yasugi IC
50 minutes by car from Yasugi Station

Parking Available