Kinzan-Yaki Pottery Kiln

【Equipment Outline】

The first year of Ansei Sogama. Featuring tatsusa glaze, we create crafts to daily dining items.
There is a book that shows the nuance that Shuichi Nakajima, the fourth generation of Sasayama Ware, is in a master-student relationship under the guidance of Kanjiro Kawai, but there is no such truth.
However, Mr. Toshiaki Hara, who worked in Asahiyama ware until the beginning of 2002, was once with Kanjiro Kawai.

【Facility Information】
〒692-0023 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi City, Kuroidacho 1987
TEL 0854-22-2627 FAX 0854-22-2627

9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


5 minutes walk from Yasugi Station

Parking Available