Fukada Horyuudou

Kiyomizu Yokan
【Equipment Outline】

The precincts of The Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple, which has a history of 1,400 years in Sanin Area. Yokan, a specialty that was born as a dish of shojin cuisine (vegetable cuisine), is made in-house using only red beans, agar, and sugar as raw materials.
“Additive-free”, “handmade” and “unique texture” from the establishment.
It is a little different from the usual yokan, it has only simple appearance but also fragrant red beans smell.

【Facility Information】
〒692-0033 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi City, Kiyomizucho 138
TEL 0854-22-3348 FAX 0854-23-0675

7 minutes by car from Yasugi IC
10 minutes by car from Yasugi Station
The Yellow bus(sightseeing loop) Get off "Kiyomizu-dera"