Kiyomizu Yokan
【Equipment Outline】

The characteristic of the local ice cream “Kiyomizuyokan Ice Cream” of Yasugi is not only mixed with the dough of the ice cream, but also contains a dicey yam so that it can be eaten from the form of ice, and it is particular about the texture.
It is sold at the Tourist Exchange Plaza Shop next to Yasugi Station, in the precincts of Yasugi and Kiyomizudera Temple.

【Facility Information】
〒692-0033 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi City, Kiyomizucho 49
TEL 0854-22-2961 FAX 0854-22-2961


Irregular holidays

7 minutes by car from Yasugi IC
10 minutes by car from Yasugi Station
The Yellow bus(sightseeing loop) Get off "Kiyomizu-dera"