Fube Dam


A natural park built around the Fube Dam. You can enjoy flowers through a year.

【Equipment Outline】
Fube Dam (Shirotsubakiko)

 This dam is a multi-purpose and man-made lake made at upstream of the Iinashi River along Route 432, length is 6km ,and send to Yasugi city and Matsue city as the water supply. Moreover, there are three power plants under prefecture management which utilizes the drop power of the dam water, and it prevents the ransand flood. It was built in Showa 43 (1968) and the weir is 55m high and 190m length.

 The promenade around the dam is surrounded by trees, such as cherry blossoms,white birchs, azaleas, hydrangeas and mognolia kobus. There are also habitat of hatcho-dragonfly and  firefly in the downstream. There are also many fisher to fish carp and crucian carp.


Dam Park

 The dam park is based on the theme of “myth and iron” promoted by the Ministry, and was constructed from Showa 63 (1988) as part of the regional cultural area tourism, and it costed 200 million yen. Parking lots, management building and promenade vantage were built.

 In addition, there are observatories and playground equipments. In Nakanoshima Park, a variety of camellia trees are planted mainly in white camellias. In the middle of Aplir is best time to see them.


Shirotsubaki Ohashi Bridge

 This bridge is the main of the dam park. The bridge is 128m length and 2 m width, and it is one of the largest in Chugoku region. It was completed in Heisei 5 (1993).



 The iron sand with good quality which melt at a low temperature was collected in Fube region with a lot of granite zones, and the steel production of Nodatara was active for a long time, and in this area, a lot of charcoals were also produced.

 In particular, cutting quality of Tamahagane ( a steel made from iron sand or black sand) swords and kitchen knives is famous. A large amount of charcoal (firepower) which melt iron sand is necessary for the iron making and the amount of water which cools is also necessary, and the topography of Fube area is suitable. You can see a lot of  excavation points still now. Therefore, there are a lot of business names and place names related to “Gold”.


White Camellia

 A White camellia refers to a huge tree that is over 2 meters diameter in Tsubakihara where climbed a little valley river from the middle of the dam promenade. “Kawaoku Shirotsubaki” is a Yabu camellia’s raw wood which is white and beautiful. In addition, there are some trees that pink flowers bloom, and mysterious atmosphere is created by a big tree of maple and katsura. There are various theories as to whether camellia is for the gods of the mountain or for charcoal, which is rust-proof or strong firepower of the blade. Moreover, Fube region has many natural best camellia oils that can utilize a lot of ways such as cooking, hair oil, makeup, and atopic.

【Facility Information】
〒692-0623 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi City, Hirosecho, Fube
TEL 0854-36-0001(Fube Community Center)

About 40 minutes by car from Yasugi Station
About 35 minutes by car from Yasugi IC