Himetsuka Kofun

Historical sites and Tourist Attrachons
【Equipment Outline】

Located at the top of hill about 300 meters southeast of Yasugi Station, this 43-meter-long rectangular-shaped ancient tomb is located. 
In 1966, a survey showed that human bones remained inside the boat-shaped sarcophagus.The sarcophagus is now refilled and a stone monument stands. The view from this observation deck is really great. You can see city of Yasugi and Nakaumi.

About 1,300 years ago, the daughter of Katarino-omi-imaro, who was working to tell the story of history, was attacked by a crocodile and lost her life.  This tomb is said that this is her grave, and  it is the origin of the ritual of Tsukinowa.

【Facility Information】
〒692-0011 Shimane Prefecture, Yasugi City, Yasugicho
TEL 0854-23-7667(Yasugi Tourism Association)

5-minute walk from Yasugi Station