Rent-a-cycle (cycle station)


Bicycles are available for rent.
There are electric-assisted bicycles and regular bicycles.Because the front basket is attached respectively, it is able to run with the baggage which increased at the place.Why don’t you go sightseeing, business… by bicycle?
Bicycle tools and a cycle stand for road bikes are also available.

Click here to see the cycling map of Yasugi City.

Click here for cycling map


Lending time

April to August 8:30-18:00
September to March 8:30-17:00

Fee Regular bicycle:500 yen for the first 4 hours then an additional 100 yen per hour 
electric assist bicycle:1,000yen for the first 4 hours then an additional 200 yen per hour
Closed December 31 and January 1
TEL 0854-23-7667