Hibayama Kume Shrine


Yokoya, Hakatacho, Yasugi City
0854-37-1000 (Meeting to explore the romance of Hakuta Post Office Mt. Hiba)
About 20 minutes by car from Yasugi IC Take the yellow bus and get off at Yokoya 40 minutes on foot from the foot to the summit

Hiba is said to be the mausoleum of Izanami no Mikoto, the god who created the country mentioned in “Kojiki” (Records of Ancient Matters).
Near the summit at an altitude of 320m, there is the Kume Shrine Okunomiya, which enshrines it, and the Kume Shrine Shimomiya at the foot of the mountain. Since ancient times, it has been worshiped by local ruling families, and later prospered as a place of prayer for the Amago clan and the Mouri clan.
Even today, many worshipers visit the shrine as a god of safe childbirth.

Yin Yang bamboo

Near the top of the mountain, there is also a distribution of “onmyōdake”, male bamboo with feminine bamboo. It is characterized by large bamboo-like leaves attached to stems resembling madake bamboo.
It was designated as a natural monument of Shimane Prefecture in 1972 as a rare and valuable bamboo nationwide.
Scientific name: Hibanobambusa Tranquillans Maruyama Okamura.
Legend has it that when Izanami gave birth, she climbed Mt. Hiba, held a cane in her hand, and set it in the ground.

There is a hiking course up to Hibayama Kume Shrine near the summit.
The city of Yasugi can be seen from the observatory.

Tamahoishi and Chinchin Well

“Tamahoishi” with a mysterious round hole is a spiritual stone said to be filled with divine spirit.
There is a legend that if you touch this stone and visit Izanami-no-mikoto, you will be blessed with a child and have a safe delivery.
There is also a legend that if you use water from a well called Chinchin Ido for your baby’s first bath, your child will grow up healthy and strong for the rest of his or her life.
The chinchin well is currently blocked with a net, so we cannot touch the sacred water, but we can see that Mt. Hiba has various blessings for safe childbirth.


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