A town of art and craftsmanship attracting attention from around the worldA town of art and craftsmanship attracting attention from around the world

When you are exposed to the art and craftsmanship of the places you travel to
You can see the culture, history, and personality of the area.
Japan’s best gardens, paintings and historical artifacts
The art that was born in Yasugi.
Let’s cruise around as we feel like it.
My own personal favorites that I unexpectedly came across are
It will vividly color the memories of your trip.

Yasugi Museum of Art attracts worldwide attention

There are two museums that you should definitely visit when you come to Yasugi. They are the Adachi Museum of Art, famous for the best garden in Japan, and the Yasugi City Kano Museum of Art, a museum dedicated to a local artist who wished for peace.
We invite you to view the masterpieces to your heart’s content in a relaxing and peaceful setting.

Yasugi Museum of Art attracts worldwide attention

Adachi Museum of Art Exhibition Room

The best garden in the world
Adachi Museum of Art

The Japanese garden is a large Japanese-style garden with a borrowed landscape of natural mountains. The beauty of the garden, including a karesansui garden and a white sand and green pine garden, was selected as the best in Japan for many years in a row by an American magazine specializing in Japanese gardens. The garden is also home to modern and contemporary Japanese paintings by artists such as Yokoyama Taikan and the collection of Kitaoji Rosanjin, which is on permanent display, allowing visitors to enjoy the harmony of the garden and masterpieces throughout the four seasons.

Adachi Museum of Art

Kano Museum of Art for Peace

This museum is dedicated to Kanrai Kano(1904-1977), a local painter. Founded by Kanrai’s eldest son, Hiroki Kano, the museum houses a large collection of Kanrai Kano’s works, as well as works by local artists and famous bowls by famous artists. In addition to giving visitors a sense of Guan-Lei’s philosophy of peace, which was based on his wish for permanent peace, the museum also holds special exhibitions several times a year for the purpose of developing local art and culture.

Kano Museum of Art

A local brand steeped in history and tradition

Yasugi City, which has traced its history back to the tatara iron manufacturing industry, has nurtured a unique artistic culture. Traditional techniques have been carefully passed down through the generations, and while preserving the good old traditions, they are still being disseminated nationwide as a regional brand while gradually changing their form. The craftsman’s attention to detail and the taste of handmade products. The “real thing” comfortably stimulates aesthetic curiosity.

Seasonal fruits full of nature's bounty

Yasugi’s colorful craftsmanship

  • Hirose Kasuri Amano Kouya

    Indigo dyeing, a tradition that has continued for 150 years

  • Blacksmith workshop Hiromitsu

    Traditional techniques from the Edo period

  • Hirose Washi workshop Shikiroku

    Charm of warm Japanese paper

  • Yoshida Sake Brewery

    Gentle taste created by famous water

  • Wood Art Kadowaki

    Artistic and delicate beauty

  • Uchida Incense Store

    Long-established incense store that has been in business for over 100 years


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  • しまね観光ナビ
  • 山陰いいもの探検隊
  • 神話ゆかりの地
  • 一風亭
  • 道の駅あらエッサ
  • 産業サポートネットやすぎ
  • アルテピア
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  • 縁結び出雲路
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