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“Toku Taku”

Yasugi City Tourism Exchange Plaza Yasugi City Tourism Exchange Plaza

Cab from Yasugi Station
Let’s go sightseeing at a bargain price♪
The “Toku Taku” coupon discount is

Please tell the cab driver, Please give me a “Toku Taku” coupon.
Coupons (both from Yasugi Station and from the facility) will be distributed only at the time of boarding at Yasugi Station.

Coupon Image

Coupon Image

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*Cannot be used in conjunction with other discount programs.

Coupon Image

The coupon is
A andB tickets in a row
You can use them in turn.

*Per cab.
Only one card is available.

ticket A

Coupons available from the station

Facilities from Yasugi Station

If you take a cab from Yasugi Station to any of the three facilities*

500 Yen discount

ticket B

Coupons that can be used from the facility*.

Facilities from Yasugi Station

Furthermore, if you run a taxi from one of the 3 facilities*
to another destination
500 Yen discount

Another destination can be outside the city (no destination specified)!


*3 facilities are listed below
You can choose

Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Yasugi Kiyomizu-dera Temple

An ancient temple of the Tendai sect with a 1,400-year history, it has long been worshipped as a “temple to drive away evil spirits” and is famous for its cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, and is dotted with numerous cultural assets, including the only three-story pagoda (designated as a prefectural cultural asset) and Nemoto-do (an important cultural asset) in the San-in region.

Saginoyu Hot Spring

Saginoyu Hot Spring

Saginoyu Hot Spring” in Yasugi City is located at the left bank of the Iinashi River at the foot of Gassan, where a rural landscape spreads out. Legend has it that an egret landed in the area and used the hot spring water to heal a wound on her foot.

Gassan Toda Castle Ruins

Gassan Toda Castle Ruins

Located in the area of Mt. Gassan, Gassan Toda Castle was used as the main castle by successive generations of the Sengoku daimyo Amago as a base for conquering the Sanin and Sanyo. It is a compound enclosure type mountain castle with many large and small enclosures on the ridge. As an impregnable castle, it was one of the fortresses of the Sengoku period.


Coupon eligible
cab company

The following three cab companies are available for “Toku Taku” service.
Cabs are subject to availability, reservations and
Cars may not be allocated.

Chidori Taxi Co.
1249-3 Yasugi-cho, Yasugi-shi
Yasugi Office, Nippon Kotsu Co.
1951-1 Yasugi-cho, Yasugi-shi
Hirose Taxi Co.
986 Hirose, Hirose-cho, Yasugi-shi

For “Toku Taku” coupons
For further information, please contact

Yasugi City Tourism Association

“Toku Taku”
Recommended Model Course

  • Relaxation Plan

    Stroll around Kiyomizu-dera Temple, which has been open for 1400 years, enjoy Shojin cuisine, and visit the Adachi Museum of Art, the largest garden in Japan.

  • Famous Castle and Hot Spring Plan

    After exploring Gassan Toda Castle, selected as one of the 100 best castles in Japan, relax and enjoy Saginoyu Onsen!


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