Yasugi Rent-a-Cycle(Cycling Station)

Feel the nature of Yasugi on a bicycle,
and it's exhilarating to run through the vast fields with the wind!

Il y a encore d'autres boutiques et paysages merveilleux que vous ne pouvez pas rencontrer en voiture dans la ville de Yasugi.
Pour trouver un tel endroit, pourquoi ne pas faire un court voyage à vélo dans la ville historique de Yasugi?
Trouvez vos propres points préférés qui ne peuvent être découverts qu'à vélo.


Convenient bicycle rental service
for sightseeing and business

We rent bicycles.
For sightseeing, for business...let's go out by bicycle!


Rental place
Yasugi Rent-a-Cycle Reception (Yasugi Station Bicycle Parking Lot)
Rental time
●April-August 8:30-18:00
September-March 8:30-17:00
Amount including tax
●Ordinary bicycle
500 yen(Within 4 hours / 100 yen per hour thereafter)
●Electric Bike
1000 yen(Within 4 hours / 200 yen per hour thereafter)
Type and
number of bicycles
●Ordinary bicycle(with front basket)
City Bike 2 bicycles
Road Bike 4 bicycles
●Electric Bike(with front basket)
City Bike 2 bicycles
Road Bike 4 bicycles
December 31st and January 1st
Yasugi City Tourism Association TEL:0854-23-7667
●In case of breakdown or damage, repair costs may be charged.
●In the event of an accident, puncture, breakdown, or other trouble, please contact us immediately.
●The Yasugi City Tourism Association does not take any responsibility for damages caused by third parties encountered during use.
There are bicycle tools and bicycle stands for road bikes at Yasugi Station and the Hirose traditional resist-dyed textiles factory.

Cycling Map

This is the "Yasugi Cycling Road Map", which lists recommended routes that you can easily go out by bicycle.

  • Yasugi city

    Let's explore the nostalgic townscape of a port town that prospered with "Tatara iron making". You can go smoothly on a bicycle in the city where there is little difference in elevation.

  • Adachi Museum of Art / Gassan Toda Castle Ruins

    Experience the world-renowned Japanese garden and one of the greatest mountain castles of the Sengoku period! Feeling the nature of Yasugi, it is exhilarating to run through the vast fields with the wind!

  • Yasugi Kiyomizu Temple / Nogi Plains

    Purify your body and mind at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, a temple for exorcism. From the vast Nogi Plain, you can see the beautiful appearance of Mt. Daisen on a clear day.

  • Tour Nakaumi

    We introduce excellent sightseeing spots and view spots around Nakaumi in Tottori and Shimane, so please use them for planning your cycling trip.


  • 株式会社安来旅行
  • ウォーカープラス
  • しまね観光ナビ
  • 山陰いいもの探検隊
  • 神話ゆかりの地
  • 一風亭
  • 道の駅あらエッサ
  • 産業サポートネットやすぎ
  • アルテピア
  • dojocuo
  • 縁結び出雲路
  • 神々のふるさと山陰
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