Yukimori Yamanaka Shikanosuke, a warlord of Yasugi City


Yamanaka Shikanosuke Yukimori, the hero of Yasugi City, is a tragic warlord of the Sengoku period.

In the 2014 NHK historical drama “Gunshi Kanbei”, he appeared as a character surrounding the main character, Kanbei Kuroda, and is rapidly attracting attention.

We will introduce the eventful life of Shikanosuke.


A tragic warlord who worked hard to revive Amago

Yukimori Yamanaka Shikanosuke is known as the Kirinji of the San’in region because of the anecdote that he prayed to the crescent moon, “Please give me all the hardships.”
Shikanosuke was born in the 4th year of Tensho (1545). He lost his father at an early age and was adopted by the Kamei family. Then, he inherited a Yamanaka family heirloom helmet with a crescent moon front and a deer side, and changed his name to Shikanosuke.
Tomita Castle was isolated due to the conquest of Izumo by Mori Motonari, which began in 1562. It will be a siege battle, but the flag color is getting worse day by day. Despite this, Shikanosuke engages in a one-on-one duel with Shinagawa Daizen, the brave samurai of the Mori forces, against Tondagawa Nakasu, and kills Daizen, raising morale.
However, after being besieged for a long time, food and weapons became scarce, and the will to fight was lost. Finally, on November 21, 1566, Yoshihisa Amago accepted Motonari’s offer of reconciliation and surrendered, and Tomita Castle fell. Nico will die.


Shikanosuke shows his true potential after standing in a predicament!

Shikanosuke decided to revive the Amago clan with Gentabei Tachihara, became a ronin (masterless samurai), and went to Kyoto. I will try to fulfill
In the 12th year of the Eiroku era (1569), the Izumo region was rebuilt, with the exception of Gassan Toda Castle. . After that, he fled, and with the help of Nobunaga Oda, he captured castles in Inaba Province and temporarily succeeded in restoring Amago, but was defeated by the Mori clan and escaped again.
In 1577, when Hashiba Hideyoshi’s expedition to China began, he followed Nobunaga Oda and became the spearhead of the expedition. At Kozuki Castle in Harima, he tried to revive the Amago clan again, but was defeated by Mouri.
In this way, the path to the restoration of the Amago clan ended, and the 180th anniversary of the prosperity of the Amago clan came to an end.


Gassantoda Castle


Shikanosuke Yamanaka’s helmet is used for the [Nikka Whiskey] emblem.
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