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Handling of Personal Information

Personal Information
Yasugi City Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”) recognizes that it is its social responsibility to appropriately protect and manage information that can identify specific individuals (hereinafter referred to as “personal information”), such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses provided by customers, and handles personal information in the following manner when operating the Yasugi City Tourism Guide website Yasugi City Tourist Guide website, we will handle personal information as follows
Appropriate collection of personal information
The Association may ask you to provide your personal information for certain contents of the website (e.g., requests for information materials, etc.).
In such cases, the purpose of use of the personal information to be provided will be clearly indicated in advance, and the customer will be asked to provide the information within the appropriate scope with his/her consent.
Compliance with laws and regulations concerning personal information
The Association will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information.
Use of Personal Information
The Association will use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use indicated at the time of collection. In the event that the Association outsources operations including the use of personal information to a third party, the Association will enter into a contract with the third party regarding the protection of personal information, clarify where the responsibility lies, and take necessary measures to ensure the safe use of personal information.
Management of personal information
The Association strictly manages personal information to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of information. When entrusting the handling of personal information to a third party as part of its operations, the Association will conclude a contract with the third party regarding the protection of personal information and take necessary measures for the safe management of personal information.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
In principle, the Association will not provide personal information to third parties except in the following cases
(1) With the consent of the customer
(ii) When required by the Personal Information Protection Law or other laws and regulations

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