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How to spend your time in Yasugi City
Yasugi City has the best gardens in the country and the three Michelin starred Adachi Museum of Art. If you want to fully enjoy the Adachi Museum of Art, we recommend that you stay at one of the Japanese-style hotels at Saginoyu Onsen adjacent to the museum.
The Japanese gardens of the museum transform in appearance over the course of a day. They reveal a different another face in the evening and in the morning. At the museum you can also appreciate one of the largest collections of modern Japanese paintings in the country.
Near Saginoyu Onsen, there are many traditional Japanese handicraft workshops and shops that showcase traditional Japanese culture. All of the establishments are small but they allow the visitor to experience the origins of traditional handicrafts and culture. We recommend visiting them while staying at one of the Japanese-style hotels.

Hirose Kasuri Center
Hirose-gasuri Center
Hirose-gasuri is traditional woven cloth; cotton thread is dyed with natural indigo and woven to create intricate and precise patterns ? often large picture patterns - on the cloth, in different shades of indigo. Repeated washing improves its texture. At the center, you can experience dyeing handkerchiefs with indigo.
*Five minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
Hirose Kasuri Center
Small articles dyed with indigo that catch your heart. Produced by a thread dyer’s workshop founded in the Meiji era. In addition to traditional articles, Amanokouya now creates works that express the new appeal of indigo, using a stencil dyeing technique. Hand towels, book covers, and other articles with original patterns are available, in addition to those with traditional patterns. Enjoy expressions of indigo dyeing which improves in texture from repeated use.
*Eight minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
Hirose Kasuri Center
Hachimanyaki Pottery
Hirose-cho has a shrine called “Toda Hachimangu Shrine.” A Kiln is located in the shade of the forest of this shrine. Hachimanyaki has a long history - a priest of the shrine started making pottery in 1723. The distinctive feature of Hachimanyaki is its blue glaze, and works with this blue glaze are widely known.
*Eight minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
Hirose Kasuri Center
Yoshida Brewery
Yoshida Brewery is located in Hirose-cho, where the Amago clan - who reigned over the San-in region during the Warring States period- built their castle (Gassan Toda-jo Castle). “Gassan” sake comes from the castle’s name. The brewery has been producing high quality sake for more than 180 years since it was founded in 1826 as a brewery licensed by the Hirose han (feudal domain).
*Five minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
Hirose Kasuri Center
Hirose Washi (Japanese paper)
Mr. Nagashima - whose family had run a papermaking business for generations in Shimoyamasa, Hirose-cho - received instruction from the late Eishiro Abe, a living national treasure, for 12 years beginning in 1961, and started producing “Hirose Washi” in 1973. Hirose Washi is made of 100% natural materials - kouzo (natural mulberry) fibers are dissolved and each sheet is made by hand.
*Ten minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
Hirose Kasuri Center
Hoen Gama Pottery
Flowers and grass are painted in a free and easy style, using the pottery decorating technique “sgraffito” or by using ferrous pigments. Works created in original styles are typically for daily use.
*Ten minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
Nakamura Tokagen
This shop that sells potted plants such as bonsai and wild grass and flowers. Many of the plants are relatively small and reasonably priced.
*Three minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.
This shop allows you to experience “Yasugibushi” - one of the most popular folk songs and dances in Japan. In particular, “Dojo Sukui,” which is known for its humorous dance, is popular. Goods essential for dancing “Yasugibushi” and “Dojo Sukui” are available at the shop.
*One minutes by car from Saginoyu Onsen.

Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture (Adachi Museum of Art and Saginoyu Onsen)
The Adachi Museum of Art and Saginoyu Onsen are leading sightseeing spots in Shimane Prefecture and attract many tourists all year round. And, since this area has a strong association with the ancient iron-making method “tatara,” related relics and traditional culture as well as rich nature and a rural landscape have remained here.

Accommodations in Yasugi City

Position and Access
airlineTokyo→Yonago (80 minutes) from Yonago Kitaro Airport,to Yasugi(35 min by car)
airlineTokyo→Izumo (80 minutes) from Izumo Airport,to Yasugi(30 min by car)
airlineOsaka→Izumo (60 minutes)
By Train

airlinefrom JR Okayama Station - JR Yasugi Station (2 h15 min)
Limited express 'Yakumo (train)'

By Car

car3 h10 min from Hiroshima
(Chugoku Expwy→Matsue Expwy→San-in Exp wy Yasugi IC)

car2 h and 30 min from Okayama
(Okayama Expwy→Yonago Expwy→San-in Exp wy Yasugi IC)

car3 h and 40 min from Osaka
(Chugoku Expwy→Yonago Expwy→San-in Exp wy Yasugi IC)

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